Bloody Border
The Y, Sacramento. June 26th>

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3/27/2015: On The Y, Sacramento
11/14/2014: Gordon's Music, Fairfield
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12/7/2012: On The Y, Sacramento
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5/19/2012: Woodstock's Music Festival, Dixon
3/10/2012: Luke's Lounge, Dixon
6/10/2011: Munchies Coffee, Suisun
5/27/2011: Dixon Rock Studio
4/16/2011: Farland Fest, Sonoma
4/15/2011: Dixon Rock Studio
10/29/2010: The Burnt Ramen, Richmond
10/23/2010: Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Vacaville
10/2/2010: The Elmira Cabin, Vacaville

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